Korean Community Senior Housing Corporation


All interested applicants are encourage to apply:

  1. In Person

    You may complete the application at the property while the Waiting List is open. Management team members will be available to assist applicants with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) at the property management office located at:

    1. University Gardens – Multipurpose Room
      440 University Boulevard East
      Silver Spring, MD 20901

    Application Office Hours:

  2. Download

    You can download the application and other required documents by clicking the download link here. DOWNLOAD Please print and submit your completed application package by Fax, U.S. Mail or Hand-Delivered.

  3. By Fax

    You can fax the application package to (202) 601-4016

  4. U.S. Mail

    Application package must be post marked by Tuesday, October 23, 2018 and mail to:

    1. University Gardens
      440 University Boulevard East
      Attention: Management Agent

  5. Telephone Request

    Applicants who do not have internet access can request an application package to be mailed by calling the Management Agent Office at the following number: (202) 387-4367.

Application Process

Applicants must apply during this open enrollment period to participate in the Waiting List. The application requires certain information on all members of the applicant’s household. Before you submit your application, be sure to include the following documents with your completed application:

  1. Photo ID

  2. Birth Certificate and Social Security Card

  3. Supplement to Application for Federally Assisted Housing HUD-92006

  4. Citizen/Non-citizen Declaration Form/Proof of Legal Status (Passport or Permanent Resident Card)

  5. Applicant’s/Tenant Consent’s Consent to Release Information HUD-9887/9887A

  6. Race and Ethnic Data Form HUD-27061-H

The application must be filled out entirely, accurately and signed by the applicant. If a section on the application does not apply to you, write NONE or N/A for that question. Applicants must sign their full name on the last page of the application.

Upon receipt of your complete application documents, an evaluation/review will be performed to determine that your documents have met the eligibility requirements for placement on the Waiting List.

Reasonable Accommodation

If you are disabled and wish to request a reasonable accommodation or if you have difficulty understanding English, please request our assistance and we will ensure that you are provided with meaningful access based on your individual needs by contacting (202)-387-4367.